The Camino de Muxía is sort of an alternative epilogue to the Camino. It starts in Santiago de Compostela and ends in Muxía, at the sanctuary of A Virxe da Barca. According to tradition, the Virgin Mary came here in a stone boat to encourage Saint James who was preaching there.

Some walk to Muxía having completed the Camino de Fisterra, and some coming directly from Santiago carry on to Fisterra.

Some Useful Info for Pilgrims

The compostela

In order to certify the completion of the pilgrimage, pilgrims have to obtain the compostela….

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. Hopefully they include yours too. About the Camino Isn’t…

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The credencial

The credencial is the pilgrims’ ‘passport’ on the Way, a 14-page, accordion-pleated document, obtainable in…

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The muxiana

To certify the completition of the Camino de Muxía, a relatively new document, called the muxiana can be obtained.

The document is written in Galician and says:

Aqueles peregrinos que elixan o Santuario de Barca como final du seu longo camiñar recibirán don do perdón, premio á constancia e á fe. E para que así conste,  autórgase esta credencial a (name of recipient).

The muxiana can be obtained in the Pilgrim and Tourism office in the Casa Cultura in Rua Real, in the Albergue de Peregrinos (Rúa Enfesto, 22), and also at Albergue Delfín (Av. López Abente, 22).

The Little Fox House

The Little Fox House (A Casa do Raposito in Galician) is a donativo post-Camino retreat where pilgrims can wind down after having finished their Camino in Muxía.

It is situated in Carantoña, 17 kilometres from Muxía.

Pilgrims can spend 3 to 5 days here to rest, to write, to read, to meditate or pray, to practice yoga or tai chi, or to help out in the Jardín de San Martín de Los Peregrinos, the flower garden at the 12th century church opposite the house. Most of all, it gives pilgrims a chance to talk about their experiences with other pilgrims after their pilgrimage is over.

It is non-sectarian: all religions and none.

Contact details

  • Phone: +34 981 730 842 (landline) or +34 686 315 328 (mobile)
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